" Since my earliest years I’ve struggled with finding a brand that caters specifically to our people. This is the reason LM exists; to authentically communicate our cultural dialogue. Designed by us, for us. LM is the logical solution to the Caribbean Lifestyle. " - Levi Marcus Howell



BORN: 1995
In 2013, after graduating secondary school (CAPE) St. Mary's College LM was encouraged by his step-father and mentor Scott-Hilton Clarke to enroll in The Saville Row Bespoke Academy, London, UK. 
He trained under Andrew Ramroop for three months giving him the opportunity to experience fashion at its highest level. 
After moving back to Trinidad, LM worked at the bank for two years, where he realized just how much he didn't fit into the corporate world.
In 2015 LM left for New York to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied Fashion Business Management for 4 years using the brand as a live case study.
At first LM would produce caps embroidered with his handwritten signature logo and sell to friends and family that supported his brand. 
The time spent away from home amplified the appreciation for his culture.
In 2016 the iNation Collection was born:
Minimally designed with the powerful intention of representing one's roots. 
LM is also a photographer, documenting memories
of the authentic Caribbean Lifestyle home and abroad.