Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, I always had an innate connection to the arts ever since my earliest years, inspired by my grandfather who would draw and make my favourite movie characters out of cardboard.


This love for creativity would introduce me to the art of fashion, inspired by icons such as David Beckham, Lil Wayne, David Gandy and Chris Brown. This interest in fashion snowballed in the preceding years; and after finding myself and becoming more knowledgeable and proud of my roots, I wanted to create a brand aligns more with my identity. 


It is my dream that one day The Caribbean is regarded as one of the prominent fashion identities of the world parallel to the likes of the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our culture is evidently celebrated and utilized for inspiration globally; So why aren’t we authentically represented in the industry? 


Levi Marcus exists to inspire people to become the original version of themselves with comfort and confidence. This will be accomplished by tracing the origin of our roots and producing garments that represent us historically but also built for the modern world. 


Our projects aim to manifest the essence of the contemporary caribbean spirit while evoking dialogue on the world’s realities. These pieces will represent logical answers to the way we live our everyday lives.  





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